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Thursday, March 14, 2013


About Alpaca Socks

Most people are accustomed to purchasing socks and underwear from well-known department stores. This is common because of the price and the convenience of obtaining average, cotton socks. They usually come in a package of six pairs for about ten dollars, and you can purchase them in the same place that you purchase food and toiletries.

Alpaca Fur Socks and Alpaca BreedersExplaining the difference between cotton socks and alpaca socks is like comparing a tricycle to a BMW. Alpaca socks are far superior, but alas, so is the price. There is no denying that cotton socks are cheaper, but as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”.

So, are alpaca socks, really worth the price? With a large following that pays an average of fifteen to thirty dollars per pair, we have a confident “Yes”.

The Woes of Cold Toes
Anyone familiar to snow flurries and wind chills understands the misery of cold feet in winter. Cotton socks are notorious for getting holes at random intervals. Some rip within a week, other pairs last for months. There’s no rhyme or reason; cotton socks just rip. With alpaca-fiber socks, you’ll never experience the annoyance of a toe escaping through a hole at a very inconvenient time.

Dry Feet are Happy Feet
Alpaca fiber naturally kicks back moisture, keeping it away from the skin. This keeps your feet dry, warm, and cozy. In addition, this is why alpaca socks last longer, as moisture is likely what causes cotton socks to rip so easily.

Stand on Cloud 9
Literally, stand on a cloud. Alpaca socks are extremely comfortable; it feels as if you’re standing on a fictional cloud. These socks are not itchy like wool, but they offer even more warmth.

*Photo of baby alpaca courtesy of Stardust 27 | Imgfave