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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


It is especially important to take care of your alpaca’s fleece due to the fact that they can be sold and used as an investment. But, like most animals they tend to get dirty and get into things. How do you keep your alpaca looking clean?

It is important to make sure the process is easy for both you and the alpaca, and they typically do not like the shearing process.


The first thing to invest in for your alpaca is a blower. This will help remove debris from your alpaca’s fleece without having to pick everything out individually. Try to get as much of this out as possible.

It also helps to blow conditioner into the wool in order to reduce the number of snarls. Hold the blower about eighteen inches away in order to make a part in the fleece, and then spray the conditioner in. Use a wool tamer to brush out any extra debris.

This makes it easier for the groomer to be at a safe distance compared to the alpaca.

Mats and Tangles

When encountering a tangle, coat it lightly with the llama groom or conditioner and then brush it out with a soft-touch slicker brush. It lifts the hair and moves it away from the body.

However if the tangle is too troublesome then you may need to cut through it. This damages the fleece however, and it should be done long before shearing.

Mat removing rakes will work on older animals that you want to groom but don’t necessarily want to shear. Mats should be split up and worked on a section at a time. Having a mat brake with multiple blades will make the job go by faster. Make sure to not pull against the skin. Put your finger between the mat and the skin and work through the mat using a sawing motion.

Once you do these things for your alpacas, it will be much easier to maintain the fleece and keep them ready for shearing.