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Monday, May 12, 2014


Alpacas are great. They are very docile and respectful creatures — respectful of gates and boundaries, and of humans and other animals. They are also very exotic looking creatures — tall, big inviting eyes with a silly gaze, and bushy coats. Here are a few simple tips to raising the Alpaca.

First, Alpaca make great pets and great business ventures. If you plan on going into the wool business, make use of the fact that Alpacas can produce lots of beautiful fibers. Alpaca fur is not all that different from sheep and other woolly animals, and they are great for making hand-crafted sweaters or other items. The fur shouldn’t go to waste.

But, Alpacas are great for other reasons. Studies have been shown using Alpaca to calm patients with severe ADHD. There power is in their cool, collected attitude, and utter silence. Around an Alpaca, you almost never have to worry about confrontation. They make little to no noise, even when they walk. Spend time with your Alpaca and enjoy the beauty of life alongside them. It’s good for you, your kids, and the Alpaca.

When not grazing outside, Alpaca need a few accommodations in terms of their living quarters. This includes some basic hay for resting and eating, as well as the occasional grains. Check your local animal food provider for any Alpaca supplements.

Some other general maintenance is required for the Alpaca. This includes clipping toenails and cleaning up after them. Alpaca aren’t very messy, though, and they will usually add compost in the same location as other Alpaca, which makes it very easy to clean up after them.

The great thing about raising Alpacas is that they will not require much. Consider raising an Alpaca today, they will make a great addition to your family!