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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

History of Alpacas

As with every ancient society there is a lack of written document that can be understood fully so some of the meaning and reason behind alpacas has been lost with time. Within the parts that can be deciphered, alpacas were originally thought to be a present from the goddess “pachmana.” These beautiful animals were meant to be a gift only to be kept as long as they were properly taken care of. The animals are from South America where they quite literally held together the communities they impacted.

Ancient Inca society used the fibers to make everything including bridges and roofs. The fibers and cloth from the alpaca was extremely valuable and even used as currency. When the Spaniards came to take over the land they didn’t see the value of the alpaca and llamas, but knew they seemed valuable to the people. To try and rattle the Inca people they slaughtered 90% of the alpaca population.

Due to poor care given to the animals and the land the health and population continued to decline until the past 50 years. In 1970 the Peruvian government began to help in the repopulation of the species. They acquired land that was then used to grow the population with the help of breeders. With the population growing they then were able to export the alpaca and other countries bred their own population. Alpaca have come a long way from near extinction. They have grown and evolved to adapt to everything that has come their way all throughout history.